Activities of the IAWEES include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic and organizational development of the Association’s areas of endeavor.
  • Organizing and conducting of workshop, congresses and conferences.
  • Publishing of Journal on the themes of water, environment, energy, social sciences (WEES) including Peer-Reviewed Conference & Symposia Proceedings, Special Journal issues, Newsletters, Monographs.
  • Organizing need based short term courses/training on the subject relevant to the theme of WEES.
  • Taking up joint collaborative programs based on mutual discussions and agreements to the theme of WEES.
  • Organization and conduct of continuing education activities related to all fields of water science & engineering, environmental science & engineering, conventional and non- conventional energy science & engineering, social sciences.
  • Provision of an international clearing-house for information related to all aspects of water environment, energy, social sciences and their practical application.
  • Co-operation with other international organizations whose interests and activities are related to those of the Association;
  • If a member travels around a city where there is another member of the association will have the possibility of contact a local member and explore the possibilities of presenting his work.
  • Formulating joint collaborative R&D program based on mutual discussions / agreements which may be beneficial to the members of the association as well as to both the participating organizations.
  • Any further activities in accordance with the objectives of the Association.