Membership Benefits

Membership benefits can come in different forms.

    a. Discount at Conferences

  • All the IAWEES members shall be given twenty five percent discounts on the registration fee for the participation in Conferences/Workshops/Short Courses/ Seminars/Webinar.
  • b. Access to journal: JWEES

  • The journal will be of significant interest to all the IAWEES members, and so the members will be allowed to have access to the journal free of charge..
  • c. Reduced Cost of WEES Publications

  • This is similar to what was mentioned above with respect to JWEES. All the IAWEES members shall be given fifty percent discount for purchase of the manuals, handbooks, databases, reports and to subscribe the JWEE.
  • d. Other Benefits

  • Aside from having discount on the above mentioned activities, the member will receive every year a certification of his participation on the association, a short profile on the website of the organization and an invitation to the bi-annual meeting of the association during the conference